Welcome to my shop! Just opened September 2015.

Good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good!

At DKVinylDisplays we work directly with you to design vinyl dislays to fit your needs. Each piece is totally customizable to give you what you want. We build, commercial grade vinyl record storage displays. We only use the highest quality materials.

The exterior pieces are finished with high end commercial laminates, thousands to choose from in tons of finishes, from woodgrains, textures, patterns and finishes, gloss/matte. Interiors are commercially painted in any color you can imagine. The edge of the pieces can be painted or stained in your choice of finishes and clear coats. The combinations are limitless so you can design a vinyl holder specific to your needs.

The sizes are customizable too. We will work with you to make a vinyl display that holds as many records as you want. Our stands can be any height/depth, the shelves can be placed at any height to accept any record size and they can be placed to specifically fit any electrical devices you may want to store on them, such as your receiver. All legs can be to any height.

We will work with you to design and build your dream vinyl record display.

Thanks for checking us out and please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.


Since each piece we build is made to order, I will let you know the exact day of shipment.

Please take your time to pick out the exact custom vinyl display that fits your needs. These displays are built to last, so take your time when picking your materials.

As we work together to design your piece, I will provide you with any examples of materials you want to see. I will work directly with you so, no cancellations will be honored because of changes to design. You pick, you keep.

I have been designing and fabricating commercial and retail displays for over 15 years and because of this, you are not going to receive anything defective that would warrant a cancellation.

Any problems in fabrication will be refunded, this wont be a problem!

As soon as payment is received we will start working on your custom vinyl display.

All orders will be verified by a human!


I use USPS ground, its the most cost efficient.

Upgrades are available and up to the buyer.

Insurance is available and up to the buyer.

You will be sent a confirmation via email when your order ships.


These are all custom built to order using select high quality materials and hardware. We are professionals here and we hold ourselves to the highest standards.
If any problems occur, we will make them right!


Each vinyl record display is made custom to fit your needs and built to last a life time and more. Please feel free to contact me directly for any information you need.

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